I have been in heaven the past few days because I LOVE rainy weather. Most people get depressed with the cold, gloomy days but I love it. Maybe I should move to Seattle…they do have good coffee there too…

Anyways, my favorite thing to do is curl up under a blanket by the window and watch a movie or go to sleep. Since I have children to watch (and should only sleep when they are), I am voting for watching a movie. But any of these choices sound good to me – maybe even combining a few!

Tonight we are trying a new soup for supper. This weather just makes me crave soup. This one is called Italian Chicken Rice Soup – I’ll let you know how it is. My obsession with cooking and baking continues to grow the longer I stay home, so new culinary adventures are a must. I’m just thankful my husband will try the new things I make (most of the time)!

So I say, bring on the rain – I’ve got my blanket and my soup and a big smile on my face.