I just adore that two lovely blog friends have been focusing on refreshment lately. Jessi and Hayley are doing such a wonderful job encouraging us as women to step back and fill up our own tanks before we burnout. Last week they focused on refreshing yourself with some new fun and easy hair, makeup, and wardrobe tips, as well as sharing some things they find refreshing in their own lives.

I’ve latched on quite tightly to one of their “movements” the last few weekends and it has been my biggest source of realistic refreshment: analog weekends.

From Friday evening to Sunday evening, I stay off of social media. I focus on home and family and reading and writing and interacting right here, right now.

This was my third weekend of social media blackout. I can’t even tell you how freeing it has been. I say “yes” a lot more to my family. When there’s some downtime and I’m tempted to reach for my phone and check Facebook, I grab a book instead. More projects are getting done.

My head is clearer and my thoughts are more my own. It’s funny how clearing the social media voices out of the mind can do that!

I didn’t go to a spa. I didn’t go away for the weekend. I didn’t take a bath or get a massage. I was with my family all weekend {except for my running & working out time}, but I still feel refreshed and ready to take on this next week. Between managing homeschool and little ones and a doctor’s schedule and managing a few websites and… {I’ll just stop there} weekends like these are what I call realistic refreshment.

And this is what realistic refreshment looked like this weekend…

French Dip

French dip for Friday supper, leftovers all weekend.

JJ Bread Lover

Our little bread lover!

Monkey Bread

Monkey bread. Enough said.

WWII Puzzle

1000 piece puzzle picked out by Big J at Costco Friday. Started Saturday. This much done by Sunday night, mostly by The Hubby, some by me, a little by Big J.

I want to issue a challenge to you this week. First of all, read the Refresh posts from Hayley and Jessi. Pick one of their refresh ideas and run with it this week – try a new hairstyle, change up your make-up, put together a new outfit from clothes in your closet. And then take the week to think about this…

What is ONE way you could find refreshment this upcoming weekend?

The challenge part is that the ONE thing cannot involve leaving your house, hiring a babysitter, or spending any money. How is that for realistic? Pick something now and then make plans this week to make sure it actually happens!

I can’t wait to hear your answers! Let’s inspire one another!