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Sometimes Mother’s Day just sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? Just because you forgot about a gift for mom until RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean you can’t get her anything at all! That’s the beauty of our digital world!

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Here are five great last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas to grab for that special mom in your life, even if it IS Mother’s Day morning… 


1. Sparkly Green Earrings: Catching the Light at Every Turn – A great ebook can be sent right to her Kindle or Nook in a matter of seconds! I just grabbed this one by Melanie Shankle the other day and it is lovely motherhood memoir! Other great motherhood books include The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson and Hope for the Weary Mom by Brooke McGlothlin & Stacey Thacker.

Go the extra mile: Run to the store and pick up a pair of sparkly green earrings to give with the book!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

2. A subscription to a meal planning service. Plan to Eat is THE BEST meal planning service I have ever come across and the only one I actually signed up with when the free trial period was over. It makes meal planning, recipe storage, and grocery shopping so easy once everything is set up!

3. Membership to a local zoo or museum. My sister bought a zoo membership for us as a gift last year and as a mother it was one of the BEST presents because we used it ALL the time! It’s good to get out of the house with the kids, but admittance fees to zoos and museums can get pricey! A membership can often be purchased quickly online!

Go the extra mile: Tie a little card or note telling about the zoo membership around a stuffed animal!

Family Fun Cover

4. A magazine subscription. I know everything has gone digital, but I still enjoy flipping through magazines! You grab a subscription to just about any magazine on Amazon in a matter of minutes! My favorites right now are FamilyFunRunner’s World, and Taste of Home!

Go the extra mile: Pick up the latest edition of the chosen magazine at the store and tie a ribbon around it!

5. The gift of helping another mom. Some women just want to be remembered on Mother’s Day but would rather not have a lot of money spent on them. Instead, donate the money you would have spent on a gift to a program that helps moms in need such as the Child Survival Program from Compassion or Mercy House, a maternity home in Kenya!

Go the extra mile: Make a card or certificate telling of the donation in her honor so she knows how much she is appreciated!

And don’t forget the easiest, cheapest, most powerful gift you can give anyone: your words of appreciation! A phone call expressing your love and gratitude will mean more than any gift ever could! Tell that mama in your life just how much you love her!

What is the best Mother’s Day gift you ever gave or received?