The snow returned to our area last weekend after almost two months without it.

We’re expecting more today. I have mixed feelings about this, but it IS winter and, even though it was glorious to be walking around without coats in January, a little snow just feels right.

Plus, I get to see my guys like this…

Welcome back snow and winter fun!

And many more blessings as well…

721. The boys reading to us.

722. My favorite flowers from my honey.

723. Snuggles after a rough day – makes it all better.

724. Family movie nights.

725. TUMS.

726. Borrowed Bella Bands to keep this growing belly covered!

727. Netflix.

727. Family field trips.

728. Store-bought valentines {because this mama is too tired to do homemade this year!}.

729. Sunday Target trips.

730. Boys who can’t wait for their baby brother to arrive!

731. Boys who kiss my tummy and talk to their baby brother 🙂

732. Overnight Oatmeal.

733. Watching wrestling/ninja matches between my guys.

734. Deep questions from the boys about faith – love their curious minds.

735. Glorious brinner.

736. Stocking the freezer with meals.

737. Reminiscing about listening to the first single I ever “bought” for myself – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” {I was 6}

738. A pedicure. A sweet, sweet pedicure.

739. Our traditional pre-baby Ruby Tuesday date night.

740. Moments like this…


What’s on your list this week?