This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Punflay for this review.

My Numbers for the Learning Toddler

Info from the company:

Punflay introduces My Numbers to help your preschool kid master numbers from 1-10 using objects in an innovative and engaging setting. The app is not only visually appealing, but combines fun sounds and voiceovers to appeal to your child’s developing auditory center. Big buttons make it easy for your child to navigate on the screen, and a color swatch supplies endless fun mixing and matching colors.

My Numbers is guaranteed to kindle the learning process and make a difference to your kid’s learning experience as well. So, don’t be surprised if your child comes back to play the app many times over.

. Learning numbers using objects makes for stronger associations
. Big buttons for those tiny fingers
. Bright and attractive visuals and colors
. A color wheel for endless fun

. Works with iPad

My thoughts:

Because of the wonderful people at Igniter Media, I have an iPad and was actually able to try out this app with my kiddos. They kind of like the iPad anyways, so no twisting of arms here!

My four-year-old gave it a shot first. He loved playing around with the colors, music and actually worked along with the counting part – counting up to 10 and then back down as he pushed each button. Although I considered it a little below his level, he still enjoyed this vibrant and playful app.

Then my two-year-old took his turn. He is really at the age this app is geared for so i was anxious to see what happened. The colors and music were even more exciting to him, but most exciting to me is that I heard him echo after the app when it said a number that he pressed! That is a great learning experience!

And the greatest testimony to this app: they both go back to it often!

This app is great for the entertainment and subtle learning experience it provides for toddlers and is available for $4.99 through iTunes.