Did you read that title and think “Huh?”

Here is a little more explanation.

From the Reno Rose website:

No more hauling a bulky sweater or jacket to go to a fancy dinner at the chilly restaurant! You don’t have to feel frumpy trying to nurse your baby in an oversized pink nursing apron. The patent pending design of Nurf was originally designed for nursing by a nursing mother, but it has become loved by all women of all ages. This multi-functional scarf is lightweight, breathable, fashionable, and compact for your favorite purse. The semi-sheer fabric will provide comfort and elegance while it gives a great camouflage affect for nursing discreetly. Each product is hand cut for a unique individualized expression, allowing it to flow and move gracefully with you. It is a new fashion statement and an essential along with your favorite lipstick in your purse at all times!


I received the Gabrielle print for this review.



My thoughts: I am not a nursing mom and won’t be anytime in the near future so my review is strictly from a fashion standpoint. Although I will say that the lightweight fabric would be nice for a summer nursing cover-up.  I would be a little concerned at it not covering everything that needed to be covered, but there are different sizes which would make a difference.

From a fashion perspective, I think it could be a fun accessory, but I was honestly not brave enough to wear it anywhere.  Plus, it has been HOT here – not much need for a scarf or cover-up of any kind!

It is versatile (can be used 14 different ways), comes in many different patterns, and at $35, would be a good investment for a nursing mom IF she found a pattern she liked.

You can purchase a Reno Rose Nurf here!


Disclosure: I received a Reno Rose Nurf, free of charge, from Reno Rose, for the purposes of this review for Mama Buzz.