The importance of prayer in our lives is so easily overlooked.

It is not a “to-do” on a checklist. It is not an errand to be run. It is not a deadline to be met.

Prayer lingers in the background of our lives because no one is saying you MUST do this NOW.

Well, except God.

On the drive home from Wednesday night church activities this week, I asked the boys about their lessons for the night as I always do. When asked about the Bible verse they discussed that night, Little J hesitated for a second and then recited: “Never stop praying.”

He was so proud.

I was so convicted – in a good way. Maybe I should say inspired instead of convicted.

And then there was this week’s chapter – on prayer. {Thanks for getting my attention on this again, God!}

I don’t mean to, but I can get to a place where I overlook the importance of prayer in my life. I KNOW how much it impacts my life. I KNOW how much it changes me and pleases God. I KNOW it is essential in my life.

It can get lost in the shuffle.

But it doesn’t get as lost when I start my day with it. {Thank you Maximize Your Mornings and Good Morning Girls for bringing the morning routine back into my life!}

And then there are Sally’s words…

“More than all the things I do to turn my children to God. My prayer time is the most important part of my homeschooling day because it is what turns me to God.”

I have experienced this over and over again.

When I start the day in communion with God, my perspective and heart are in the right place. I am more likely to show grace to my children – and myself. I am also more likely to “never stop praying” if I start the day that way.

And prayer is THE most important thing we can do for our children as well.

As mothers, it an feel like an incredibly heavy burden to think about raising our children the “right way” and having them turn out “right.” That is the most stifling thought pattern we can have because WE cannot do everything “right.”

This encouragement from Sally is what I needed to hear to take the pressure off…

“At the end of the day…the fate of my children will not be determined by whether I’ve used the right materials, read the best books, taken enough field trips, or done more of whatever I didn’t do enough of. God is in control of their lives, not I. How they turn out will depend more on how much I prayed for them, how much I depended on God, rather than on how much I did for them.”

Drop to your knees {or pray in the shower like I do to start the day!} and the feel your load lighten, mamas. It is not about what YOU do – it is about turning your children over to HIM. Daily.


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