I am so grateful to have been able to soak up Sally Clarkson’s words in chapter 2 of Seasons of a Mother’s Heart this week. It was so hard for me to not be caught up with all of you last week!

Chapter 2, “Changing My Will,” hit a nerve with me – one that NEEDED to be hit, primarily because I have felt pretty selfish with my time lately. And that makes ME crabby and unsettled.


While this week has been 110% better than last week, nobody likes having the cloud of crabbiness hanging around.

Enter Sally’s words…

“The only true, biblical path of blessing for a mother is to reach out to the children God has given her, to raise and nurture them to become godly adults. Fulfillment will come only when a mother is willing to do God’s will.” {p. 48}

Fulfillment. Is that what I feel like I’m missing?

When I am trying to walk in my own way, the answer is always yes. I will NEVER find fulfillment away from God’s will.

Jesus’ words ring so true…

For I have come down from heaven to do the will of God who sent me, not to do my own will. ~John 6:38

And this needs to be my attitude, day in and day out, if I am to shake this cloud off and find fulfillment.

Actually, He was speaking quite clearly to me in other words this week. Repeatedly, I heard from Him…

“This time is not your own.”

And it didn’t feel like a “You can’t ever have any time to yourself” message, but more of a firm, but loving, reminder that I am a mother -and now a homeschooling mother – and THAT is my priority during the day, because that is exactly what He designed me to do!

“His workmanship created me as a mother, and that is the work he has prepared me to do, especially at this time in life when my children are so young.” {p. 50}

The days feel long, the children test all of the limits, the dishes pile up and so does the laundry…and He thought me worthy to handle all of it.

Honestly, these words from Sally gave me the most encouragement of the week because it is full of honesty and hope…

“I take some solace, though, in knowing that my sacrifice is like a seed that will produce fruit I cannot yet see…my dedication to life at home as a mother is a seed of sacrifice. I give up my own desires and sacrifice my gifts and talents so that new life may come from me. I am buried in the rich soil of housework, homeschooling, character training, disciplining, and the myriad responsibilities of making a home.” {p. 51}

I can honestly say that I have NEVER thought of my daily responsibilities as rich soil, but it sounds lovely and I am willing to dive right in to let God change my heart.


I so enjoyed reading your comments and posts last week! YOU encourage me! I’m looking forward to connecting more this week.

Now, add your thoughts on chapter 2 either through the link-up or in the comment section! And have a BLESSED weekend!