Second Saturday Seeds is a monthly feature about my wonderful Relevant conference sponsor, Seeds Family Worship! I already talked about Seeds all the time before so it is great to do it as an official representative of them! Please take the time to visit them – your family will LOVE their music!

We’ve talked about their music, you’ve heard from the founder, we’ve had some fun giveaways, but there is one important part of Seeds I haven’t touched on yet!

Seeds does live worship events!

Now, I have not had the pleasure of attending one of these wonderful events but I have heard numerous RAVE reviews!

So what would a Seeds Family Worship Live Event look like? Here are some details from their website:

Here’s How It Works:

The Worship Leader: A Seeds Family Worship leader will come to your church and lead a high-energy, powerful night of worship with the songs contained on the Seeds Family Worship CD’s.

Your Worship Team: Your own worship team will be the musicians to back up the Seeds Family Worship Leader.

Your Kids: Three to five children/youth (8-15 years old) from your church will sing as part of the worship team. This is a confidence builder for the kids.

Getting Ready: We provide all the MP3s and music charts for the concert to the worship team at least 2 weeks prior to the worship concert and encourage you to schedule one rehearsal before the worship leader arrives.

Promotions: The worship leader will fly in the day before the event and rehearse with the worship team. We provide promotional posters in advance and power point the night of the concert. Then there will be an additional rehearsal two hours prior to the concert.


I just think it sounds like a blast! And if that wasn’t convincing enough, these super fun videos will definitely get you in the mood:

I’m hoping to get a Seeds Family Worship Live event in our area soon – how about you?

To find out more or book an event, please e-mail Michelle at and tell her Erin sent you!

So are you interested? Would this be a perfect fit for your church or ministry? Have you been to or hosted a Seeds live event?