Welcome to our BRAND NEW monthly feature focused on family worship and the company that champions it, Seeds Family Worship!


Seeds will be doing some AMAZING things during our Second Saturday Seeds – special discounts, exclusive footage, freebies and other things that are way too exciting to talk about now – my lips are sealed!  Oh friends, I could not be more excited to share this with you every month!!!  Please come back the second Saturday of every month to join the fun!

Seeds Family Worship is part of our daily life.  It’s on in the van when we go anywhere.  The kids are walking around singing it constantly.  So are the adults.  I even listen to it when the kids aren’t around.

But, just to be clear, family worship is not just about listening to the music.  It’s about experiencing God as a family – intentionally – through prayer, Scripture AND music.

Our boys may only be preschool age and younger, but God is already hiding His Word in their hearts.  As parents, it is our job to explain, answer questions and help them put all of the pieces together.

But the music IS the fun part, isn’t it?!

As a former music teacher, I take great delight in the fact that my children seem to learn well through music.  The truth is, MOST kids learn well through music and learning about Jesus this way is so important.  I know middle-aged, and older, people who still remember Bible verses from their childhood because they were taught through song.

My children’s favorite Seeds song of the moment is “Crushed,” based on Psalm 34:18…

Even the 21 month old can get in on the fun 🙂

So here’s the first special for you – my fabulous friends at Seeds are offering YOU a free download of “Crushed” that you can only get HERE!

You need to download it now, get it cranked up in your house or car, and have a contest with your kiddos to see who can yell “Crushed!” the loudest every time it comes up!  It is a blast!

And how about one more Second Saturday Seeds surprise?!

Today and tomorrow only, head over the the Seeds store, pick out your favorite CD (or all of them like we did!) and enter 2NDSAT30 at checkout to get 30% off!  Hurry!  This discount code expires Sunday night at midnight!

Thanks for joining us for Second Saturday Seeds – see you back here next month for more fun and surprises!  Go plant the seeds of God’s Word in your family today!

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