We’ve had a lot of fun as a family since the move and while The Hubby is home before residency starts. Numerous zoo trips, sprayground visits, a fabulous family vacation, and lots of backyard fun – lots of great memories have been made!

We’ve also had our fair share of minor battles involving the children and behavior during this time.

I wrote most of these challenges off as a result of lots of change happening in our lives, but in reality, a lot of the blame is on my shoulders. And I didn’t even do anything.

Which is exactly the problem.

The move happened. Summer came. We all decided to relax. Maybe a little too much. And, as I’ve mentioned before, these boys flounder without structure.

Instead of remembering this truth and figuring out a way to change things and make this time good for everyone, I just let myself get more frustrated with their behavior. And their behavior went downhill.

Whining, arguing, disobedience, disrespect…

My blood pressure has always been on the low side, but I’m pretty sure that would not have been the case these last few weeks had I been checked.

About a week ago, I realized the whole connection between lack of structure and poor behavior – and I still didn’t do anything about it. NO excuses – I was just being lazy. {True confessions for you right now.}

Now, with The Hubby going back to work this Sunday, I’m kicking my behind in gear and doing what my boys need to be successful. What I should have been doing all along.

I’m seizing the day.

I’m taking control of the day before it get the best of me and the kiddos. I’m taking this role of family manager by the horns and showing it who’s the boss! {Just giving myself a pep talk!}

What does seizing the day look like for me?

*Getting out of bed before the kids whenever possible, even if the baby was up several times in the night. If I can be up even fifteen minutes before they do, I feel like I have a bit of a head start! And spending that time with God makes it even better. Time with Him in the morning is the ULTIMATE way to seize the day!

*Planning my day. Even a rough outline of the day can help me stay on track. I get off track VERY easily! Where do we need to go? When does everyone need to eat and nap?

*Planning activities for the boys. This is where I’ve stumbled the most. And it really isn’t that hard. I mean, come on, I have a whole Pinterest board of things “For the Boys!” I should be able to plan activities for them every day until they graduate! I just need to FOLLOW THROUGH. {Ugh. Still working on that.}

*Taking charge as soon as behavior starts to go downhill – or catching the warning signs before it starts! The boys need some time apart from each other as much as they need structure and I can usually tell when they’ve had “too much” of each other! I need to find creative ways to separate them that don’t feel like punishment BEFORE the whining and fighting starts!

*And lastly, having fun WITH my children! Our boys desperately want our attention ALL THE TIME, so why am I not giving it to them more?! Yes, there are lots of things that must be done around the house, but I know my time with them is more valuable than my time with the vacuum and laundry!

And for a little extra help, I just need to watch this video every morning…

What could you do to seize each day and make it even better for you and/or your family?