Just popping in quick to go over my goals for this next month! Life happens and I know these won’t all turn out exactly as I think they will, but this is how I’m moving forward! “Goals with Grace” is what Hayley calls it – making a plan, but knowing there is grace for how it all plays out! Don’t you just love that?

First, here were my goals for August and how they turned out…

Read two books – I read or started Speak by Nish Weiseth, Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker, and Bourne by Lisa T. Bergren in August. It was a busy month, but I still snuck in a little reading time here and there!

Run 60+ miles – 56.45 miles…oh so close. I had to push my last long run of the month back two days because of scheduling conflicts – that would have added 12 more on and put me over 60, but oh well!

Two dates with The Hubby – We only had one, but it was lots of fun – Guardians of the Galaxy on $5 movie night with free popcorn in reclining loungers!

Focus during homeschool – Working on it. I get very easily distracted when the boys are taking a long time to get their work done.

Write from the heart – I was able to write a lot more this month – some for fun and some from the heart. I feel like I’ve got a little bit of my blogging groove back which was the whole point!

Time with God FIRST in my day – SO much better. Not grabbing my phone to check social media first thing in the morning. Not getting caught up in emails before I spend time in the Word. This totally affects my perspective for the day!

September Goals

And now my September goals…

Finish and share my capsule wardrobe series – See tomorrow’s post for the beginning of it all!

Set up a podcast – Not a Home with the Boys podcast, but I’m really excited about this!

Move forward with the next steps for The MOB Society – I started a new series there today and we have a whole lot behind-the-scenes goodness happening!

More water, more veggies – These are my main health goals right now. Fall makes me want warm drinks and comfort foods, so I need to be very deliberate about drinking enough water and eating lots of vegetables!

Declutter living spaces and bedrooms – We just have too much stuff. TOO MUCH.

Spend more time silent before the Lord – There has been too much noise, too much doing, too much striving lately. I need some stillness and quiet with God to recharge for what He has next for me.

I think that’s it for September! I didn’t set a mileage goal, but I am running a half marathon this month! And dates are a priority as well, but we have a BUSY month of traveling and activities, so we’ll have to see what we can squeeze in!

What are YOUR goals for September?


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