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Well, this should have been posted at the end of July, but I was lost in conference session planning and magazine article writing and…forgive me?!

Summer Book Club for Moms

We’re continuing on with our Summer Book Club for Moms featuring a great series by my friend Tricia Goyer! All of the details are right here and you can still join in! Just check-in on the appropriate post for each book and we’ll wrap it all up at the beginning of September with a giveaway for one person who has read and checked in for all three books!

Promise Box

Whenever you are done reading The Promise Box {before August 31st}, just leave a comment below with your thoughts on the book and answer one or both of these discussion questions if you’d like! I love honest discussion, but let’s remember to keep it positive and encouraging to one another!

Here are the questions you can consider when leaving your comment…

1. The Promise Box is set in a small Amish community in Northwestern Montana. What do you like best about the setting?

2. How are Lydia’s eyes opened once she starts reading notes and Scripture verses from Mem’s Promise Box?

Happy discussing and happy reading! See you back here for check-in #3 on or soon after August 31st!