The hubby and I both love surprising the boys with fun day trips, events and the like.

It was my turn this weekend, as I surprised Big J with a trip to a local high school to see Seussical, one of my favorite musicals! The high school is actually in the district where I used to teach, and I was the assistant director when we did Seussical in 2005. TONS of great memories from that show!

We also have the Seussical CD at home and the boys love listening to it – Dr. Seuss stories set to music – what kid wouldn’t love that?!

I didn’t tell him where we were going, but gave little hints along the way, including letting him bring his stuffed Cat in the Hat and book along…

When we got to the high school, he saw the sign on the wall and his face lit up! What a blessing that bright, smiling face was to me!

During the show, he was FASCINATED! He had so many questions, which are hard to keep quiet from an eager four-year-old boy! I love his curiosity! He kept asking when we could come see it again – before it was even over!

And at the end, he got to meet and have his picture taken with his favorite character from the show…

An extra blessing for me was seeing former students, some who were in second and third grade when I started teaching, up on stage, still loving and enjoying music! The students all did a fantastic job, and there were lots of hugs afterward!

The surprise mommy-son date was a big success!

Counting more blessings from the week…

341. Fresh flowers on the table.

342. Walks in the sunshine.

343. Studying ants on the sidewalk.

344. Jumping over shadows.

345. Letting the boys wrestle.

346. Homemade tomato sauce.

347. Making a supper the hubby really enjoys during this fast.

348. Vacuuming. (Is that weird?!)

349. New puzzles.

350. Hearing a Slugs and Bugs song at the end of a Veggie Tales movie!

351. Watching Eli Stone reruns on Netflix. Great show, canceled too soon.

352. Inspiration to get COMPLETELY alone with God.

353. Hearing Big J tell the Easter story – a condensed version, but hitting the major points right on!

354. Hearing Little J explain what they learned in Sunday school – doesn’t happen very often, so my heart melted!

355. Really cold ice water.

356. Rediscovering how much I like veggies.

357. A long nap this afternoon – thank you hubby!

358. Daddy-son “get all that energy out” time – what would I do without you honey?!

359. This free weekly gratitude journal.

360. A new fresh week…

Here’s to a blessed week for each of you! Are you keeping track?