I have sat down to write an introspective recap post about my trip to the Relevant Conference many times now.

The words are not coming. The mind and heart are still at work.

I’ve decided the “take aways” will be reflected in posts for some time and just one recap won’t tell you what God worked in that meeting of women.

But I CAN tell you what I was thankful for those several days…

Women. Words. Hugs. Reality. God. TRUTH.

These women and these words in particular…

(Please head over to the MOB Society to read about the joy of FINALLY meeting Brooke (I LOVE that girl!!!) and many other MOBs!)

My dear friends and writing buddies: clockwise, starting top left) me and Stef; me and Stacey; Teri Lynne, Cherie and I; Stef, Marci and Amy

Ladies who make smile: Michelle, Rachel and I; me and Maggie (Gussy!); Molly and I – we discovered at Relevant that we went to the same high school! How crazy!

Beautiful souls: me and Nish; Allison and I; me, Ashleigh and Sara Sophia

Major inspirations in my life: one of the founders of Relevant, Sarah Mae and I; me and Kat; Lisa-Jo, me and Holley (the (in)courage gals!)

Speakers who touched my heart: Kristen, Courtney, Sarah and Serena

Something supernatural happens when you commit your work (blog) to the Lord. Kristen Welch

The things that can change eternal lives are the things no one wants to talk about. Serena Woods

The Lord is never going to call me to do something that comprises my parenting. Angie Smith

Do what you need to do to get into God’s Word and stay there! Courtney Joseph

We are held accountable to God for how we treat our family. Kristen Welch

And the women who spoke to my soul: Sally Clarkson (photo from Relevant Flickr stream), Ann Voskamp

If you really want to be great…be around people who make you better. Sally Clarkson

A mother duck plucks feathers from her heart to line her nest. This is what your home, children, husband need of you. Line your life, blog with bits of yourself. Scraps won’t suffice for your children. Ann Voskamp

You can’t live your life for other people. If you don’t make God your audience, you won’t ever please anyone. Sally Clarkson

The Christian needs another Christian to speak God’s Word into their life. Ann Voskamp

There is a cost to every commitment you make. Weigh the cost. Sally Clarkson

God doesn’t need me to be perfect. God asks me to praise. Gratitude in all things. Ann Voskamp

Don’t allow another person’s law put you under guilt. God redeems! Sally Clarkson

I am a mess and you are a mess. But I hope you will keep telling your stories in the middle of your messiness. Ann Voskamp

Deal with yourself graciously when you make mistakes. Satan wants us to quit because we’re discouraged. Sally Clarkson

Jesus only had 12 followers, and he lost one. If he only had 12 and he was God, how many do we really need? Ann Voskamp

And this. If you blog, you must read this. I now read it, and pray it, daily.

And for all of this, I am truly, deeply thankful.

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