Summer 2010 004


The crossroads between faith and parenting has been a hot topic in the blog and social media world lately. Moms and dads are raise up children who love the Lord and are hungry for advice and resources to help in that area.

Include me in that list.

This parenting deal isn’t for couch potatoes or cowards.  Raising the gifts God has given us takes work, courage and PRAYER – I could go on and on.

I think this helps explain the recent success of sites such as The MOB Society, Raising Homemakers, and the soon-to-be MOD Squad.  Connection with other parents in the same boat gives us ideas, encouragement and hope.

I was so honored to be part of the Gather Inspirit web TV show this past Tuesday on the topic of faith and parenting.  You can watch the replay here (look for it in the right-hand column) and hear from myself and Brooke, members of the MOD Squad and sweet, sweet Abby from Tommy Nelson.

And today, Gather Inspirit is hosting a link up about this very subject – faith in parenting. So I thought I would add my two cents.

I think there is a natural intersection between parenting and faith – in no other area of my life have I been made more aware of the great love of the Father, not to mention my immense need for Him.

And in my search to discover the “best” way to raise my boys to love the Lord, God has led me to another natural intersection – that of my boys’ everyday life and faith.

Our four-year-old’s life and personality provide for two perfect openings.

#1 – He loves to talk.

#2 – He is ALWAYS watching.

Pair these two together and we have LOTS to talk about.  And plenty of opportunities to bring faith into the conversation.

But here is the key:  I have to be LISTENING and WILLING TO ENGAGE when these opportunities present themselves.

I’ve seen God open major doors in these precious moments.  Even when the conversation started with Toy Story.

I am by no means in a place to give advice about this crazy adventure of parenting, but I am thankful for a God who uses us just as we are when we make ourselves available.

To Him and to our children.

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