Broken water balloon pieces, be gone!

I really do think the idea of water balloon fights is fun, but I DO NOT like picking up the pieces afterwards. I know, I’m such a party pooper.

But alas, I have found an alternative and the water fun can commence!

Sponge Balls!

I saw this idea on Pinterest, but none of the links I found had tutorials, so I made my own!

Here is what you need:

Colorful sponges, twine or string, & scissors

And here is what you do:

While the sponges are damp, cut them into strips the long way. Make sure they are damp when you do this – dry sponges are not fun to work with! You can cut the sponges in fourths or fifths or sixths – it’s up to you! I did some in fourths and some in sixths – they all turned out fine!

Pick up eight to ten sponge strips and hold them in the middle.

Use a piece of string or twine to tie the sponge strips together TIGHTLY. The tighter the better. And make sure you knot it well!

Trim the string or twine and you’re done!

Stick the sponges in a bowl of water…

And let the water games begin! We used these for Little J’s backyard birthday party this past weekend and the kids LOVED them! Sponge balls would be really fun to take in the pool as well!

Grab some inexpensive sponges and make your own sponge balls today!


What are your favorite water activities with your kiddos?