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Today is the day! It’s time to tackle The Love Dare for Parents summer challenge head on!

Love Dare for Parents Summer Challenge

I took some time over the weekend to read the author’s preface and introduction, and I’m already feeling inspired! A few things I took away from those two sections:

*Children are both our inheritance AND our legacy. They are a gift from the Lord and they are what we send into the future.

*The time we have with our children is fleeting. As the authors, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, say about the time we have with our children before they turn 18:

Moms and dads too often squander this priceless ocean of opportunities while chasing momentary pleasures and pennies in the sand.

There is an awesome, and at the same time terrifying, app called Legacy Countdown. When you enter your child’s graduation date, it lets you know how much more time you have before they leave home. Go ahead. Do it. And have a paper bag nearby for when you realize how short the time is and, in turn, hyperventilate.

*Love is a choice, and it must be made even when we don’t think we can choose it one more time. I’m pretty sure you and I will be greatly challenged by at least one of the love dares over the forty days. We’ll be tired and stressed or at the end of the ropes with one of the kids. And we’ll still be challenged to choose love.

This is a journey of exploring and demonstrating genuine love, even when your desire is dry and your motives are low.

*Don’t just learn it, do it. This is my favorite quote from the beginning and is something I need to apply in every area of my life:

The key is not what you learn but what you actually implement into your relationship with your children on a consistent basis. Truth transforms when it is correctly applied. Anytime you think, “I already know that,” you should follow it up with, “But do I do that?”

Let’s DO this thing, friends! Start with Day 1 today. Do one love dare each day. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a day or take more than one day to do a dare. Just do it and keep going and check back in right here next week!

If you don’t have your book yet, you can order it here and just start whenever you get it OR get the ebook and get started now!

One last thing: Will you join me in praying over this whole group of parents taking the challenge? This is no small thing we’re doing and we need prayers of strength and protection and grace to get us through! I’ll be praying for you every day!

Roll call! Leave a comment if you’re participating in The Love Dare for Parents challenge, tell us about your children, and if you have a blog where you’ll be posting about this, link to your blog as well!