The Hubby is in his second year of residency now and I get asked a lot…

“How is residency going?”

Seems like a simple enough question, but it’s actually quite complicated because, for us, residency is ALWAYS changing. Let me explain…

Reality of Residency

The Hubby is an internal medicine resident. Internal medicine encompasses a LOT of areas, so to cover as many of them as possible during the three year program, the residents change rotations every month.

When someone asks how residency is going, my answer will vary greatly from month to month. Rotations include hospitalist shifts, cardiology, intensive care, oncology, nephrology, ER, and many more. Some months involve night shifts, some are mostly 8-5. Some are predictable, some are very much not. Some smooth sailing, some rough waters.

For example, the last three months were not the best, to put it gently. Working back to back ICU and oncology rotations is rough. The hours are crazy and the cases are quite complicated, and obviously, sad. If you asked either The Hubby or I about residency in the last two months, our answer would have been, “Is August over yet?!”

But now. Oh, lovely, wonderful now. A rheumatology rotation, with it’s almost-all clinic hours + very few on-call hours + fascinating, complex cases for The Hubby, has been a slice of heaven for all of us. We ate dinner together all week. We had a weekend without a pager going off ONE. SINGLE. TIME.

Overall, residency is going very well and very fast. I kind of can’t believe the first year is in the books. The Hubby loves most of what he does and I love that. I really, really love that.

On a related note, one of the highlights of this past week was overhearing a “conversation” between the younger two boys:

Double J: Daddy?

Little J: He’s at the hospital helping patients!

I thought it was so cute and mature that he answered more specifically than just, “He’s at work.” We’re proud to have a husband and father who has followed God’s calling on his life to help people in this way!