They Get Me

It’s Friday morning. I’m headed to a new Bible study I just started last week. Childcare is provided at the same location. {Hallelujah!} And the Bible study is with several other wives of residents.

We’re actually doing a Bible study about being a doctor’s wife. I could not have thought of a better way to start off our three years of residency than studying the Word of God and discussing our unique situations together.

Although I don’t know them well yet, this group of women is an answer to prayer.

I’ve never been one that has a hard time connecting with other women, but moving away from our home and church family of 12+ years, my prayer was to meet other women who really GET me.

God has always provided this in the past, so I shouldn’t be surprised that He is doing so again…

I have a best friend who knows my dislike of small talk and feels the exact same way. Let’s not waste time with any of that – life is too short to talk about “nothing.” With us, there is no fluff. There is no beating-around-the-bush. Real is all you get when we are together.

She totally gets me.

As a mama of two boys who grew up with no brothers, I found myself wondering what in the world I was doing raising these crazy, wonderful little men. Enter The MOB Society. Boom – 8,000+ boy moms sharing in the chaos and joy of bringing up boys. Boy moms wanting to raise strong, godly men who will take a stand for Jesus. I feel surrounded by wisdom and camraderie there.

Those boy mamas really get me, even if they have no idea who I am.

Then there was the time we decided to start homeschooling. God put just the right women in my life who would be starting the same journey. We get the fact that the life of a homeschool mom is hard and awesome and tiring and blessed and very hard to describe.

We get each other.

Now, I have these doctors’ wives. From just one Bible study meeting, the consensus was clear. We need this time together because we GET what each other is going through. There were lots of heads nodding in understanding as life stories were told – the journeys that led us to all be in a common place.

Nothing sounded unfamiliar as we discussed our current lives and schedules. And on top of it all, we all love Jesus and want to walk more fully in His calling for us as medical spouses.

One meeting and I can tell we GET one another.

Near or far, in person or online, new or old, each one of these is a blessing straight from heaven because we are on a similar path. I feel community and normalcy when I interact with these beautiful women.

It’s a good thing to be “got” and get through this life together.


Which connections are you most thankful for in your life? Is there an area in which you really need someone to “get” you? I would love to pray for you today!

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  1. Amy Oxley says:

    I’m so glad God has provided this for you! Sounds incredible!

    I totally understand the feeling. I feel most “got” when I meet another wife of a youth pastor who is raising a large family. It is such a relief to be around those who understand.

  2. somehow I found you on Twitter and clicked right on this link!

    Oh sweet girl! I’m so happy you have found this group! Is it a Side by Side bible study group? You need these ladies and this support through this crazy journey. And this book is a lifesaver! I wish I would have had it when we started our journey 10 years ago. We are on the tail end, so know what your challenges are! And we had kiddos during med school too. Not easy, but wouldn’t have it any other way!

    And please, please, please…if ever you need anything, holler at me! I know how lonely it can feel sometimes 🙂

  3. What an awesome group for you! Being a pastor’s wife, I hear ya! Not too many people get the complexities of ministry. I am so thankful for finding Leading and Loving It, a group for encouraging and equipping ladies in ministry. I am in a Virtual Community Group, we skype at least once a month with each other, and we have a facebook/email conversation going daily. It has helped me tremendously, and truthfully we don’t sit around and bash ministry, we encourage each other in being a mom, a wife, etc. It’s awesome, a HUGE God send, and I am so thankful you found your group!!

  4. Thank you for linking up through medical mondays. I am so glad you have found a flesh and blood community that “gets you”. I wish I had something like that when we first started. There is also a great online community who “gets you”. I am so glad you have added your blog with others who can provide support and encouragement along the way. Welcome:-)

    • Thanks so much Jane! I’m so glad Amber told me about Medical Mondays! I was hoping to find other blogging doctors’ wives! Nice to meet you!