They’re Speaking a Different Language, But I’m Still Listening

The Star Wars obsession in our house has reached full throttle. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Star Wars, especially the original three episodes. Han Solo is my favorite. Who is with me?!

The boys, however, have taken liking Star Wars to a whole new level. They want to watch it all the time. They check out books about it at the library. They play Star Wars games and play with Star Wars Legos and have lightsaber fights with the pool noodle lightsabers I made for Little J’s Star Wars birthday party.


So when we sat down to watch The Empire Strikes Back, I wasn’t just getting Luke + Leia + Han + all the droids. I was getting full commentary on every ship, weapon, planet, and character that came in to view on screen. My brain just about exploded. I know the boys get their ability to talk for hours from me, but OH MY GOSH.

I will fully admit here that I wanted to tune them out for much of the movie. I don’t really care whether Chewbacca is using a Bowcaster gun or the stormtrooper’s BlasTech E-11 blaster during the battle at Cloud City. Are you impressed with my knowledge there?! All from my boys. And I think I can recognize an X-Wing from a Tie Fighter, but I don’t mind if I don’t know all the names of the other ships.

My boys, however, care deeply. They love learning about Star Wars and they love telling me about it. Most of the time, they sound like they are speaking an entirely different language, but I’m still listening.

Listening to Your Kids

I’m still listening when they talk on and on about Star Wars because I want them to know THEY matter to me. Star Wars isn’t my whole world, but these boys are, and I can show them just how important they are to me by just listening. I can look them in the eye and ask questions when I don’t understand. Their handsome faces just light up when I ask them to explain the droids to me or on which planet everyone has now arrived.

I’m still listening because I want them to keep talking to me. I want to listen when they talk to me now about what matters so they know I will keep listening as they get older and the things that matter to them change. It may be Star Wars now, but some day it will be friendships and peer pressure and deep faith questions and even girls…so not ready for that. 

On the nights where I think we’re just settling down for a relaxing family move night and I, instead, get an earful about jedis and padawans, I am committing to listening and letting them know they are heard.

Listening to Your Kids 2

Keep speaking that strange language to me, boys. I’m still listening and I always will.

What do your kids talk to you about that you just don’t “get?” How do you make them feel heard in these situations?

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  1. I get it, sister! We are in full-blown Star Wars obsession here, too. I love it! I love learning as much about it as possible with them so that we can talk like this. Just like I know just about everything they know about superheroes and Cars. I am with you – I want them to know I care about them, not their obsession of the moment. But I love Star Wars!!

  2. Elizabeth c says:

    It’s pokemon here…or video games…many many minute details….it all starts to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

  3. Heh LOVE that you speak fluent Star Wars 🙂

  4. We’ve been through the Star Wars obsession, too. Sometimes it’s been a certain video game, sometimes animal facts, currently mythology. I never cease to be amazed by my 14yr old’s encyclopedic knowledge of whatever his interests are. I agree that it’s important for them to know that their interests matter to you & listening to them now will help build good communication in the relationship. Sometimes, I get busy & find myself not really listening. It helps if we can do something one on one, even just a short walk, so that I can take the time to really hear and show interest.

    • One on one time definitely helps. I get so easily distracted with all the voices in the house – it’s nice to just have one to focus on and really hear them!

  5. I love this post – it reminds me of my brother growing up! My family is full of huge Star Wars fans (I’ve even read a couple of the books myself – and yes, Han is my favorite!). I love how you are willing to listen even when it may not be the most interesting to you – you are so right, they will keep talking if they know their mom will listen!

    • I didn’t grow up with brothers, so it’s fun to hear your experience! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!


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