I know this is super late but between company, shopping, runny noses and laundry, this is the first chance I have had to write about our Thanksgiving!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Christine, I had everything except the sweet potatoes chopped and ready to go the day before. I made the jello salad ahead of time as well (which didn’t end up helping me since I read the recipe wrong!). I also made my napkin rings and wreath Wednesday, so all I had to do on Thursday was put the food together.

I had a stressful Thanksgiving morning – dealing with the turkey, the jello wasn’t setting – until my wonderful husband surprised me with a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and everything was right with the world 🙂 He also took Jeremiah with him for the morning and Joshua took a nap so getting ready was a lot easier.

The side dishes were so easy to put together in the crock pots. The turkey was quite an adventure – I’m just glad nobody has any film of me dealing with that thing. By 10:30, the table was set and everything was cooking and I was feeling pretty good – except about the jello. Always make sure you check the number of ounces the recipe calls for – 1 3-0z. package of gelatin does not work the same as 1 6-oz. package! And adding more the next day is not the same 🙂

Stephen’s parents arrived around 11:30 and we had pumpkin smoothies and a veggie tray while we waited for the turkey to be done.

Despite the stress of the morning, everything turned out delicious – even the recipes I had never tried! The sweet potatoes were so yummy… and the stuffing had just enough spice and crunchiness (is that a word?) for me. The jello tasted great after a while in the freezer (that will make it set!). Stephen’s parents brought delicious rolls and the yummiest Caramel Apple Pie.

And the turkey…I actually roasted a wild turkey and it turned out well! We had plenty of meat and it was moist and delicious. It was my first time roasting one and Stephen’s first time carving one and I am pretty darn proud of us! A big thanks again to Darcy and Donna for the turkey and recipe!

I would call our first Thanksgiving at home a big success. I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving as well! Let me know how your holiday went!

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