pleated poppyIt’s happening…

The regular jeans are starting to get tucked away. The ones that are still out are needing a rubber band to give a little extra room.

Nobody would really say I’m “showing” yet, but I can tell and the pants are the least forgiving in the comfort department!

Magenta bling tank – GAP Outlet; black maternity capris; Old Navy flip flops; gray earrings – local boutique

Black tank dress – Target; Red flower pin – from Relevant last year {can’t remember from who – help me out?!}; Old Navy flip flops

**Here I missed two days of outfits. One was my game day outfit – you’ll see that plenty of times over the next few months, so no worries there! But my church outfit was super cute so I’m bummed I missed that photo! I’ll just have to wear it again sometime!**

Brown shrug, orange tank, orange ring – Kohl’s; dark cuffed jeans {NOT maternity!} – hand-me-downs; bronze flats – WalMart; fall-colored bracelet – garage sale!

Gray cardigan – Kohl’s; Dusky purple beaded shirt – DownEast Basics; dark cuffed jeans {NOT maternity!} – hand-me-downs; silver ruffled flats – WalMart; Relevant necklace – The Vintage Pearl; earrings – local boutique


Now for a reader question…

Where is the best place you have found that fits pear shapes when buying jeans?

Even though I AM a pear shape – smaller on top and through the waist, larger in the hips and bottom – I struggled with this question because…

#1 – Most of my jeans are hand-me-downs and I just make them work.

#2 – I haven’t been shopping for jeans – other than skinny jeans – in a LONG time!

Thankfully, one of my friends came to the rescue. Mindee suggested the “Wendi” jean from The Buckle, saying: “A little spendy, but they make me look 10 pounds lighter!” That totally sells me on them!

I’ve also heard good things about GAP jeans, because they have several different styles that may work for pear shapes depending on just how curvy you are!

Overall, it is a good idea to get jeans that make a straight line from your hip down to your ankle as to not overemphasize the larger curves in your lower half AND to help make your leg appear longer.

And if you find a pair of jeans that fit well in the waist, thigh, & hip area, it is TOTALLY worth it to get them hemmed professionally. DON’T pass up jeans that fit well just because they are too long!

Next week, I’ll be sharing a few tips for apple shapes {larger on top, smaller on bottom}!


Thanks for coming by today! Have a wonderful Wednesday!