pleated poppyGuess what I’m doing right now?

Watching What Not To Wear and writing my “What I Wore” post – ahh, heavenly! Doesn’t that go well together?!

Ok, on to my week…

{And don’t miss all of the wonderful wardrobes being shared over at The Pleated Poppy today!}

{Two days missing due to vomiting children. Boo.}

Black tank dress – Old Navy; tan lightweight cardigan, black leggings – Target; black flats – Eddie Bauer; Philippians 4:8 necklace – KraftyKash {more on this later in the post!}

Game Day! Cold and misty weather called for VERY comfy Husker attire – and I’m so glad I bundled up! My favorite part of the whole ensemble – my red Keens. Love.

Here I am, looking so nice, ready for church in my brand new maxi dress from Target {clearance – $8!}.

How in the world did I let the hubby convince me to do this?

More importantly, why am I actually posting this picture?

Purple print maxi dress – Target; GAP denim jacket – thrifted; my grandmother’s white bead necklace

You’ve already seen this exact dress recently so I didn’t feel like posting it again, BUT I did make a new necklace from an old t-shirt and THAT I needed to share! What do you think?!

This is me trying to wish the fall weather from last week back into my life. I did need the cardigan in the morning and I couldn’t resist my boots any longer, but it warmed up later in the day and my fall dreams faded…I’m hoping they return soon!

Orange tee – hand-me-down; oatmeal cardigan – Kohl’s; denim skirt – Old Navy Maternity; suede boots – Lands’ End Canvas

And that brings me back to this necklace…

My new Philippians 4:8 necklace is from KraftyKash, the lovely Etsy shop of a fellow Nebraskan!

What started with gorgeous vintage dictionary pendants has now expanded to include jewelry made from vintage maps and vintage Bibles! The pendant and chain are just beautiful! I am in love with this style of jewelry – vintage with personal meaning!

And KraftyKash now offers several pre-made Bible verse pendants as well as custom Bible verse pendants at no extra charge! Pick your favorite verse and she’ll make it for you! {The same goes for dictionary and map pendants as well!}

Take yourself shopping over at the KraftyKash Etsy shop! And to keep up with all of the fabulous new items being added to the shop, you can “like” KraftyKash on Facebook as well!

{Thank you SO much Kashoan! I LOVE my necklace!}


*Disclaimer: I received this necklace from KraftyKash to review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions are 100% my own!