pleated poppyDid I just write 34 weeks in the title of this post?!


Six weeks and counting until the newest little man joins our family! We are all anxious to meet him, but also enjoying our last weeks as a family of four!

In related news, I woke up this morning {after a rough night with reflux and sleeplessness} feeling like maybe, just maybe, baby boy is starting to drop a little! Should be good news for my reflux and heartburn, but my bladder is not too fond of this new development! And my jeans just weren’t behaving like they should – as in actually staying up – so out came the bella band again!

What I wore at 34 weeks…

No maternity clothes in this outfit at all!

Old Navy dress from this summer, thrifted GAP jean jacket, black leggings from Target, Eddie Bauer black flats

It was another super gorgeous day, especially for January in Nebraska!

How in the world did the hubby convince me to jump for a picture again? And at this far along in the pregnancy?! I think I’m still paying for that jump!

And for the next pregnancy side effect…

The hands are swelling a little at night, so the rings finally had to come off. My hand feels naked.

I couldn’t just NOT wear them, so I put them on the chain with my favorite necklace from The Rusted Chain. The rings fit perfectly with our last initial and the year of our marriage that are hand-stamped on the charms – I actually love the way it looks!

{The boys do keep asking when I can put the rings back on my finger – I guess it weirds them out a little! :)}

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!