Maybe you noticed things were a little quiet over here last weekend, but no worries – nothing’s wrong! We were just off celebrating our 10 year anniversary…


Oh yes, we left the kids with Grandpa and Grandma and flew off to Las Vegas for four nights! We’re probably not your typical Vegas crowd – don’t drink, don’t gamble, in bed before midnight – but we went four years ago and discovered several reasons we liked going there to relax and reconnect.

  1. Flights and hotel are pretty cheap.
  2. We didn’t have to drive anywhere once we got there.
  3. It’s hot and we like to swim and lay by the pool – good combo.
  4. GREAT food.
  5. GREAT shows.

So we swam and ate and saw a Cirque du Soleil show and ate and went to a couple of movies and ate and worked out and had a fabulous time enjoying our time as a couple. I think these yearly getaways are one of the most important things we do for our marriage because we get to focus on only each other, act like we’re dating again, and remember why we love one another so much separate from the kiddos!

And I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was super fun to get dressed up everyday! So here’s my What I Wore Wednesday: Vegas Edition!

Vegas Red Dress Green MM

The Hubby picked out this CUTE dress from GAP Outlet a couple months ago! Totally love it – the pattern, the color, the cut – so fun!

Vegas Poolside Couple

This is how we spent much of our time in Vegas! I forgot a hat at home so I picked up this one at H&M on the Strip and snagged these fun sunglasses at Express! The hot guy is all mine 🙂

Vegas White Dress Collage

I picked up this white dress on clearance at Old Navy right before the trip! It was nice to wear white without worrying about the kids getting it dirty! I make enough messes on my own!

Vegas Bellagio Couple

Here we are at my favorite spot in Vegas – watching the Bellagio fountains! No, that’s not the Bellagio or the fountains in the background, but this is where we were viewing them and were able to grab someone to snap a picture of us that wasn’t a selfie! I got this black dress before our last Vegas trip for less than $10 on clearance at Kohl’s and it is still going strong!

Vegas Orange Dress

I think a little sparkle is a necessity in Vegas, even if I did wear this out to brunch! It may look fancy, but this clearance dress from Target was super comfy! And I just adored the color, especially with some fun gold jewelry and blingy flip flops! I think this whole outfit, including accessories, was from Target!

Now I’m thinking we might need a “What I ATE: Vegas Edition!”

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