pleated poppyIt’s Wednesday again! Anybody else joining The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore every week?

What I Wore is a fun way to hold myself accountable for getting dressed every day and to find some style inspiration! If you haven’t tried it yet, make this week YOUR week!

Here is a glimpse at MY week…

As part of my birthday present back in March, my sister {HER birthday is TODAY! Happy birthday sis!} gave me this awesome set of jewelry…


I love this tassel style and the bronze color can be worn with so many outfits! I really like it with this red tank! I even wore the earrings for our family pictures {I’ll share more soon!}…

Well, you can’t see the earrings very well here, but you get the idea!

Another new favorite piece of jewelry is from DaySpring’s Redeemed collection

{The R on the necklace is not backwards – it’s just because I took the picture with Instagram on my new iPhone!}

Isn’t this necklace lovely?! Very vintage looking and with great meaning! On the back of the main pendant is printed 2 Thessalonians 2:13, which says…

Brothers and sisters, whom the Lord loves, God chose you from the beginning to be saved. So we must always thank God for you. You are saved by the Spirit that makes you holy and by your faith in the truth. 

The Redeemed collection is full of lovely bags and jewelry and home decor – you must take a look! What a great truth to be reminded of through these accessories!

And, speaking of DaySpring, their website for women,(in)courage, put on an amazing gathering of over 1,700 women around the world and I was blessed to attend a local meetup right here in Nebraska! Look at this gorgeous group of ladies!

We had these sweet t-shirts for the inRL event and I paired mine with the comfy blue maxi skirt from Old Navy!

Aren’t those shirts cute, especially on Michelle and Deidra {our fab hostesses}?! I wish I had taken a picture of the back of the shirt, which is equally as cute! The whole thing was tons of fun!

So, back to the jewelry topic – I’m loving the bronze and antique gold look right now. What jewelry trends are currently your favorite?