What I Wore Wednesday

So I’m giving this a shot…

After Sarah Mae’s Get Dressed challenge earlier this year, my motivation to pull myself together appearance wise EVERY DAY diminished.

Then I started seeing mentions of Lindsey’s “What I Wore Wednesday” posts. And I started lurking. And loving the inspiration – both fashion-wise and motivation-wise!

So today I officially join in on “What I Wore Wednesday” for the first time!

Haven’t found the best place in the house to take the pics yet. Or the best person to take those pics – don’t exactly trust Big J (4yo) to get my best side. Although he didn’t do too bad today – just a little fuzzy!

But I’m doing it. And loving the first week. Except for the butterflies of joining in with cool cats like Lindsey and Lisa (seriously, PLEASE check out their wardrobes).

And it’s NOT all about the clothes, lest you miss my point here. Yes, the fashion part is super fun. But for me, it is accountability, much like Get Dressed.

A wife and mama who feels good about how she looks – even in garage sale clothes (my FAVE!) – is a much better wife and mama! In my opinion, at least!

So here I go…

Sunday: Church

Tank and cardigan: Kohls

Jeans: hand-me down (thanks sis!)

Shoes: Lands End

Ring: Kohls (clearance!)

Monday: Errands

3/4 sleeve top: St. John’s Bay (thrift)

Cargo Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt (garage sale)

Beads: Kohls

Shoes: Rocket Dogs (thrift)

Sticker: Local blood bank ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday: At home – ALL DAY!

Black top: Hand-me down

Blue tee: Kohls

Jeans: Hand-me down

Necklace: Custom design from The Rusted Chain!

Wednesday: Grocery Store, Preschool Carpool

Shirt Dress: Kohls

Skinny Jean Capris: Express (from college!)

Shoes: Garage Sale (50 cents! Favorite thrift shoes EVER!)

Bracelet: Ana Patricia Jewelry (for a great cause!)

Whew! That was a lot of work! Hope you enjoy!

And check out the fab outfits being put together over at Lindsey’s link-up today (her WIWW will be up tomorrow but the link-up is there today)!

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  1. too cool for me! ;p


  2. What great outfits! And love all your shoes choices!!

  3. Oh m word, you are too cute!! I love those Lands Ends shoes!! Awesome finds and awesome momma and wife!!

  4. Great outfits! Good job!

  5. Impressive! And too cute! I really ought to get motivated and try this. I get dressed everyday, but sometimes it’s just throwing something together without much thought. If I knew I was going to have to take my picture, I might put a little more thought into it!

  6. I love your shoes! Erin, you dress so well. If I ever get to go shopping, I need to take you!

  7. Jewelscapes says:

    Great job! I love all of your jewelry you wear with your outfits, especially that first ring!!!

    everyone who coordinates jewelry with their outfits is always invited to link up at Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot !

  8. You got those shoes for fifty cents? Girl, I’m going shopping with you!!

  9. You are super cute — Wednesday is my favorite — love that shirt dress! And we shop at the same place: it’s all about Kohl’s for me!

  10. Look at my Relevant roomie all stylin! I’ll be easy to spot – the plain jane next to Erin!

  11. glad you joined in on the fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰ you’re outfits are great and you’re adorable!

  12. Super cute outfits

  13. yay! thanks for joining in! and now i must go check out your links for “get dressed” – it sounds right up my alley!

  14. I have those same Land’s End shoes and love ’em! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Great job, Erin!! Love your outfits!! Love the shirt dress & belt!! Cute!

  16. Cute Erin!! I am so embarrassed… you do not want to see how I dress if we are just staying home….going for comfort right now as I am limited to what actually fits!

  17. Ok, I love those landsend shoes!!! Great outfits!

  18. you are so cute!!

  19. SOOO cute! I need a wardrobe makeover… lol.

  20. I love your orange ring and the last outfit especially, very cute!!