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Here’s a little rundown of the things I was loving in my favorite month of the year…


Spring cleaning – We’re getting rid of things like a boss around here and it feels SO GOOD. I know we have a long way to go, but dropping off a van full of donations to our local mission was a great start!

Greenair Spa Vapor diffuser – The Hubby gave me this cute new diffuser for my birthday and I adore it! It’s small and easy to use and only costs $30. The kids love the changing light colors on it. I love that it makes our whole house smell great! My favorite spring blends so far involve geranium and lime! Let me know if want more info on ordering your own high quality oils at a discount!

Running outside – Thank the good Lord that spring weather has arrived and I’ve been able to do long runs outside several weekends in a row! To make it even better, I’ve been able to run with friends, too! I ran my longest run ever a few weeks ago – 14.11 miles! Spring, I love you.


Sseko Designs sandals – These have been sitting in my closet waiting for warm weather to arrive and it is finally here! I love them even more than I thought I would, especially because they are my favorite color in the world. I’ll be sharing all about them in their own post soon (with a discount!), but I couldn’t keep from telling you about them now.

Sewunet Tote

Sewunet Tote from fashionABLE – I carry my Mamuye tote EVERYWHERE with me, but I’m thinking I need to add this new canvas + leather tote to my rotation! The ivory is gorgeous, but the olive color would be much safer for clumsy me! I love them both. Which color is your favorite?

Anything from Symbology Clothing – Ethically-made clothing with ELEPHANTS on it?! I was in love at first sight. First with a tunic, and now with an emerald elephant button down. If elephants aren’t your thing, no worries. They are plenty of other gorgeous patterns to choose from, including zebras and florals.


Young adult fiction series – I’m addicted. I devour them like Dove chocolate. Here are the ones I’ve read and loved most recently: the Divergent series, the River of Time series, the Glamorous Illusions series, and I just started the Remnants series. Read them all. Please feel free to feed my addiction with more ideas.

Katherine Reay books – Both Dear Mr. Knightley and Lizzy & Jane were just delightful! I loved the characters and the hints of Jane Austen here and there. I hope she’ll write more soon!

MemoirsTina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling…I’m loving reading thoughts from these funny ladies. They are definitely uncensored and use colorful language, but their books have made me laugh and had some great bits of wisdom woven in!


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – So. Hilarious. It’s by Tina Fey, so of course I loved it. Hurry up and bring us more, Netflix!

Sherlock – I am not a fan of crime shows, so I’ve hesitated to start this, despite the rave reviews from my friends. I watched the first episode yesterday and today while I ran and I’m already hooked. You were all right. It’s my new treadmill show.

March Madness – We watch some Husker basketball games throughout the year, but March Madness is where it’s at. We all filled out brackets. We watched a few teams practice when they were in town. We have been glued to the amazing games and loving every minute of it! The Hubby already has our family bracket championship locked up, but I’m still so excited for the Final Four! Who’d you pick?


I feel like I could go on and on with things I’m loving right now, but I’ll save some for Friday Favorites, a link-up my friend Crystal hosts every Friday! I’m linking up to What I’m Into with Leigh for now and I hope you’ll share some things you are into as well!