The hubby and I were SO blessed to take a little getaway at the beginning of July and he is here today to share just WHY we do these vacations every year… {Love you honey!}


Each year, the lovely wife and I take a vacation.

Yes, even though we have nearly no money and live pretty much entirely on student loans.

The location is not terribly important, but what is important is that it is a place without distractions, and preferably without kids.

In the past three years, we went to Las Vegas, Kansas City, and now Phoenix. Each time I scoured the internet for the best deal, and even though we only usually stay for 3 nights, it is well worth it.

I actually started this tradition several years ago based on advice that I got from two couples with children who are slightly older than ours. I said we were thinking of going on vacation, and this dear friend’s husband said GO WITHOUT THE KIDS. Emphatically. So we asked our parents if they would watch the kids, to which of course they said yes.

Now everyone has slightly different priorities on vacation – some people like camping in the great outdoors, some like to golf together, others prefer the beach, etc.

For us, we like to go to a resort so we don’t have to leave. And yes, I admit, I like to see my wife in a swimsuit. {Sorry, mother and father-in-law.}

And the lovely wife and I are big fans of resorts that have a lazy river.

There really is nothing like sipping on a fruit smoothie while floating along a lazy river.

If you haven’t taken your spouse on a vacation recently without the kids, let me be the first to say it. It is time.

In the crazy business of raising kids, there is little time to look back and reflect. Sure, there are those quiet moments after the children are finally asleep and you look at their beautiful faces and smile. But usually that is right before you fall asleep yourself and prepare for the next day’s challenge.

But when was the last time that you talked to your spouse about goals for your family?

I know, this sounds like it might not be fun. But it is, when you are away from distractions of work, kids, cleaning, cooking, etc. It is a chance to re-discover your spouse, and talk about what is important.

When we last did this, I was able to tell the lovely wife about what I see for our marriage, our family, and for her in the next year. And conversely, it was a chance for her to talk about the same for me. It’s a chance to talk about what we feel like God is doing in our family.

Further, it’s a chance to re-connect with your spouse. Have a romantic dinner…

go for a walk, go shopping, play tennis…

…just watch a movie or tv. All without interruption.

Sure, you’ll want to make the obligatory phone calls back home to check in on the kids.

But when was the last time you had 3 days with just you and your soulmate?

Even waiting in the airport for your delayed flight to depart – there is no one I’d rather wait with than you, sweetheart.


Right back atcha, babe! These little getaways without kids strengthen our marriage AND help us be better parents!

So HOW do you make this happen? Join me on Thursday when I share a few tips on HOW to take a meaningful, restful vacation with your spouse!


Pictures used above are all from the Westin Kierland Resort, Scottsdale, AZ. Awesome place. And no, this is not a sponsored post 🙂