Women of Faith: Blessings and Truth

{I realize it is not Tuesday, but due to the blog crisis earlier in the week, I missed Top Ten Tuesday and will now post a Top Ten Thursday post. I’m not confused. I promise.}

I knew Women of Faith would be a great experience.

Two days with super fun, beautiful girlfriends…

an overnight stay at an awesome hotel, yummy dinner in the Old Market…

and loads of wonderful Christian speakers and musicians…

{Oh yes, that IS Mandisa doing “Shackles” with the worship team. And yes, I WAS a dancing fool during this.}

All of that added together has to equal a great experience.

But, when you walk away from that experience with loads of quotes and notes and truth that needed to be spoken into your life, THAT is when a great experience becomes AMAZING.

I’m not sure I can sum up the experience very well. I have heard other people talk about going to Women of Faith before, and I still didn’t get it until I was there.

So instead of attempting to sum it up, I want to share some of the quotes that touched my heart and brought God’s Word front and center for where I am right and now…


Top Ten Truth-Packed Quotes from Women of Fatih

10. “It is tough for the seeds of depression to take root in a grateful heart.” ~Andy Andrews

{This was heaven for me. I could listen to Amy Grant sing all day long.}

9. “To be lead by the One who made us – that’s the ride I want to be on.” ~Amy Grant

8. “In friendships, be grateful for what the other person has to give without expecting them to give you exactly what you need.” ~Lisa Whelchel

7. “Our restlessness will be satisfied by no one but God.” ~Marilyn Meberg

6. “Our lives are filled with many storms, but God uses them to wash and clean us.” ~Andy Andrews

{First time EVER duet between Sandi Patty and Amy Grant! Totally impromptu!}

5. “If I believe God’s Word is true, I must believe God’s Word is true for me.” ~Sandi Patty

4. “Emotions don’t have brains. God has given us a will that is stronger than our emotions.” ~Patsy Clairmont

3. “Smile while you talk. Nothing is more illuminating and attractive than a smile.” ~Andy Andrews

{Patsy – the cutest and funniest lady ever. And she speaks TRUTH.}

2. “The greatest need we all have is for connection.” ~Patsy Clairmont

1. “All the good things that happen in your life will happen because of how you act, but all the great things that happen in your life will happen because of how you act when life isn’t fair.” ~Andy Andrews

How is that for a little something to think about? Almost a week later and I still haven’t fully digested it all…

If I had to pick one highlight from the weekend, however, it would have been the final drama of the weekend, “The Invisible Woman.” Oh man, the comparison between cathedral builders and our work as mothers was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. To the tee.

I wish I could describe it to you better, but just know that even though your daily work as a mother may seem tedious and insignificant, GOD sees everything you do to “build” your children into godly men and women, even though YOU may never fully see the finished product. THAT is motivation to keep pressing on!

And an added bonus of the weekend?

Meeting the other bloggers who were sent by BookSneeze! Such a lovely group of women!

Thank you SO much to BookSneeze and Women of Faith for making this weekend possible for my friends and I – we were SO blessed!

And THIS is the perfect way to end a fabulous weekend…

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  1. Erin, I am so glad you were blessed by your weekend. I’m going this weekend and reading your post has reignited my enthusiasm! Can’t wait for the awesome-ness!

  2. Oh yes, ma’am. Some of my favorite quotes in there, too!
    Here’s a You Tube link to Nicole Johnson doing “The Invisible Woman” – one of my favorites before the weekend even. http://youtu.be/9YU0aNAHXP0

  3. Great summary – the weekend was so full of wisdom and hope it is difficult to distill into a single post. Thanks for the picture – we are a cute bunch! : )

    Also, here is a link to Nicole Johnson’s gift book, The Invisible Woman: http://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Woman-Special-Story-Mothers/dp/0849918294/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1313673399&sr=8-2

    I borrowed it from my mother-in-law a few years ago and still think about it. Seeing the drama inspired me to pick it up again.

    Be blessed, Erin!

  4. Awesome! I always want to go but I never have childcare/money. I LOVE “Invisible Woman” I’ve seen it on youtube before and enjoy it every time I watch!

  5. Wow! It sounds/looks like an incredible experience! Thank you for bringing it to life for those of us who weren’t there.

    May the blessings you received at the conference last a lifetime!

  6. http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewshortstory.asp?id=37319 Here is a link to the original poem that the drama was based on. I read the story of The Invisible Mother a few months ago. You’re right in how much it changes one’s perspective. I’m sure your readers will love to read it, too!

  7. Looks like a great conference. I like the quotes, especially the first one!

  8. Yes! You got a photo of Amy and Sandi singing together! I was too caught up in the moment…

  9. Shannon Bain says:

    Did any one film the Sandi/Amy Duet?!!! Dying to see the performance! Epic!!!

  10. Great recap, Erin – so glad you could go & experience it. My Mom & I had a fabulous time at the St. Paul event and though we missed seeing one of my favorites, Patsy Clairmont, I’m glad you were able to be blessed by her. There’s just something amazing about how Women of Faith puts the weekend together with just the right stories, songs, moments … beautifully done & God takes it over the top to places we could never even imagine!