My Word for 2014!

God wanted to grow me in many ways in 2013 and I fought Him most of the way.

Fighting God’s plans for us usually ends well, doesn’t it?

As 2014 begins, I’m thankful for His patience and grace, and for a new perspective on where He wants to take me. I’m grateful for another chance to embrace the ways He wants to stretch and guide and use me, no matter how uncomfortable it may make me in the moment.

This year is not a year to survive. It is not a year to feel safe. It will not be a year marked with laziness or frustration or exhaustion.

2014 will be full of my word of the year…

Word for 2014

When God spoke this word to me several weeks ago, I had to look it up to fully understand, but the more I read, the more I loved the word. LOVED. And the more I wanted to embrace its meaning in every single part of my life.

Vitality has many definitions and each one strikes a chord with me:

  • the state of being strong and active; energy
  • the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things
  • the capacity to live, grow, or develop
  • a lively or energetic quality
  • exuberant physical strength, mental vigor

And the synonyms are fabulous…


Becoming strong and active physically has been a new passion for me in the last year and a half. In 2014, I want this vitality to spread to my faith, my marriage, my mothering, my ministry. I’ll be fleshing out what I envision vitality to look like in each of these areas over the next week, more as a vision than specific goals. And that feels really amazing to say!

Have you chosen a word for the year?

I could think of no better way to commemorate this word and keep it with me all year long than the necklace pictured above from KraftyKash.

Krafty Kash

I adore all of her work, but her Word of the Year necklace is special because it also displays some of the word’s definition, reminding me of where God has asked me to put my focus – force, exuberant, drawing on His powers!

My sweet friend Kashoan has put these Word of the Year necklaces on sale for just $18 right now and use the code ONEWORD to get free shipping! And when you order yours or receive it, make sure you tweet a picture to @kraftykash with the hashtag #oneword or post it on her Facebook page!

Thank you to Kashoan for making this special piece for me in to kick off 2014 with vitality! It is a treasure to me!

Time to share your word for 2014!

Read more about my goals for vitality…


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  1. Love so much! Happy 2014 sweet friend!

  2. Thanks for sharing the sale! I’ve convo’d her to see if I can get my word…balance!!

    Love your word and eager to see where this year takes you!!!

  3. Love your word! Mine for this year is “Courage”. I also usually pair it with a verse. Like last year, my word was “Learning” and my verse was Psalm 86:11. I printed my word and verse out and have had it hanging up all year. Now, I have that verse memorized by heart. Still deciding about what verse to choose this year…There are so many different ones that could go with “courage”.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! What an inspiring post. I love the word that you chose. Thank you for friendship, love, & support. -kashoan

  5. Love it! That’s one of the words on the short list of words I’m praying over. Great minds… 🙂

    It’s so important to delve in and explore the meaning of your one word. Hope you have a great year with VITALITY!

  6. The necklace idea is fantastic! I still have mine from Jumping Tandem but didn’t realize the connection with the one word resolutions. I think I need to do some last minute Christmas shopping, so I’ll have a keepsake of my word for the year–discipline.

  7. My word for the year is trust. I want to learn to trust God more in the coming months – to realize that He is in control and have peace that He will work all for His good and glory in my life.

  8. I did this last year, talking only to my journal. This year I’m going all out. I am editing my blog now, I have ordered my necklace, and I have created my photo. My word? Overcome. I can overcome the world in Christ because he has overcome, and , I am completely overcome with His love.