My mom had a big birthday this past weekend and we knew we wanted to celebrate her big day in a big way!

She didn’t want a party, so instead the boys and I drove back to my hometown to surprise her! We got there while she was out to breakfast with my dad and spent some time housecleaning for her with my sister and brother-in-law until they got back. The boys even pitched in a bit to clean for Grandma!

Grandma and her precious grandkids

The rest of the day was very relaxing, and we ended the evening with a special dinner for her at my sister’s house!

The perfect birthday cookie for my tennis-loving mom!

My favorite part of the day was giving her a special present my sister and I put together! Inspired by this post, we sent out an email to friends and family a few months ago asking them to contribute their favorite memories of our mom!

We received emails and cards and handwritten notes and pictures – each one going in its own envelope, each envelope numbered, sixty in all.

Look at that lovely stack of memories!

After dinner, dessert, and laying babies down for bed, presents were given, with the “60 Memories” being the finale!

I think Mom got a little choked up as soon as she opened it…

And I loved watching every single reaction, especially those she had while reading the note from my dad…

Memories of tag-along sisters, red convertibles, chance meetings turning into lifelong friendships…

Road trips, games with grandchildren, tennis and book club and supporting her children all the way….

And Big J got caught up in the emotion as well…

He said he was just so happy he wanted to cry! 🙂

Each memory was so special, with lots of laughter and tears throughout. My sister and I loved collecting the memories and reading them for ourselves! One of the consistent themes throughout was my mom’s caring and compassionate nature – definitely one of my favorite things about her!

Mom was rereading them already the next day! Such fun to share the wonderful memories from sixty wonderful years with her!

And, by the way, there is no way she looks sixty, right?!

Happy birthday {again} Mom! You’re getting better every year! We love you!

{Thank you so much to the family and friends who made this meaningful and unique gift possible!}