So, some people think I’m a little crazy for being on Twitter.

I’m here to explain myself and my love for tweeting.

I first signed up for Twitter to enter a contest. Didn’t win that one, but contests are a great reason to be on Twitter. Let’s see, a few things I have acquired through Twitter contests include…

*A Land’s End sweater
*Matthew West’s book Give This Christmas Away
*Read and Share Christmas Story Book and DVD
*What’s in the Bible preview DVD
*The Voice New Testament
*and a $100 Land’s End gift card!

Sweet, huh?!

But contests are not the only reason I love Twitter.

For those who know me well, I like to be “in the know.” I like to know the latest news – be it sports, news, great deals, new gadgets, mom advice – whatever. I enjoy being the person who people go to for advice and ideas. Twitter is the place to be to be “in the know.”

I have connected with some amazing mom, writer, crafter, blogger tweeters and so on. And there is some great inspiration to be had on Twitter as well – strong men and women of faith sharing insights, wisdom and Scripture with the whole Twitter world.

Which brings me to prayer. I have seen AMAZING prayer chains on Twitter. Imagine praying for someone across the country and being able to get updates anytime on how to be praying for them. The power of prayer is truly incredible, even if you have never met the person you are praying for in “real life.” The body of Christ is reaching out on Twitter and I love being a part of that.

I could go on and on about why I love Twitter, but I decided to ask a few of my tweet buddies why I love it and here is what they said (in 140 characters or less of course)…

I’ve “met” amazing people I otherwise wouldn’t. Also, awesome news stories, advice, deals, giveaways, etc.

I think Twitter is great 4 the quick connection; maybe someone needing a homeschool resource, on spot discussions

Using twitter helps provide that sometimes on the spot connection some need; I’ve discovered a lot of great& useful blogs

A lot of it is in the moment right now which for most busy moms helps

If you tweet already, you can click on the button in the right column to start following my tweets. Please @ me so I know you came from the blog!

If you’re not on Twitter, I will say it is probably not for everybody. There are definitely people in my life who would not enjoy it or use it very often. But then again, everybody needs a good laugh and there are plenty of those in Tweet Land!

So tweet away and join the fun!