I love each and every one of you for your sweet, kind words – and HUNDREDS of comments – last week during my birthday week! It was SUCH fun for me as well! You are all winners in my book!

But, alas, I could only pick one winner per day. So sad, I know. I have emailed the winners, but here they are if you are curious…

Monday’s giveaway – Rebecca

Tuesday’s Kid’s giveaway – Shannon

Wednesday’s What I Wore giveaway – Donna

Thursday’s Time with Him giveaway – Sarah

Friday’s giveaway – Kathy C.

Congrats to these blessed ladies! And this was even more fun because two of the winners happened to be my “in-real-life” friends! (I promise, winners were picked completely by random.org!)

Thanks to those of you who don’t enjoy giveaways but stuck around – we’re pretty much back to “normal” (whatever that means!) this week!

I feel like I was the biggest winner this past week and I may fill up this whole page as I count my blessings from the past seven days…

301. A surprise girls’ night out with my mom and sister!

302. Dinner at Shogun – yum!

303. Live country music – and a little dancing – with the girls!

304. My amazing, fabulous, incredible hubby who arranged it all!

305. Multiple “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!” exclamations throughout the day (and the day after!).

306. Date night!!!!!

307. Feeling great at 30!

308. A laminator – the teacher in me rejoiced at this birthday gift!

309. Eating healthier AND enjoying it.

310. A hunger for morning quiet time.

311. Discussing the story of Abraham and Isaac with Big J after he read it to me from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

312. Feeling immensely loved by family and friends – and not just on my birthday.

313. Anticipation of our fashion show and modesty conference coming up this weekend!

314. Watching the Lion King with the boys for the first time. Oh, the excitement!

315. News of a dear friend’s new baby arriving safely on my birthday!

316. A chance to join in focused prayer for our sons with other boy moms with Warrior Prayers. (Join the Twitter party to kick it all off Tuesday night!)

317. Embarking on new adventures with good friends.

318. Homemade yummies from my mom and sister.

319. Preparing for a corporate fast at our church leading up to Easter.

320. “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (Our Seeds Family Worship verse of the week – or next few weeks since the boys will be with grandparents for part of the week!)

What were you blessed by this week?