Checks seem to be losing their place in our society, but not completely! We still use checks to pay our babysitters and our hair stylist. Checks are convenient for a mail-in registration or paying back a friend for buying your concert ticket. And I still do get a few actual paper paychecks!

When The Hubby and I got married, we had a VERY different approach to managing that good old checkbook. My approach was more of a “forget about it” girl, while The Hubby was a “write-down-all-the-things-and-double-check” guy. Those two approaches don’t mesh very well. And it was mine that needed to go. It took some time – who are we kidding, I’m still trying to keep up with it – but we are at a much better place in our checkbook balancing life. Now if only there was more money to keep that balance higher 🙂

Checks in the Mail

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