The end of 2011 is upon us and I thought it would be fun to see what YOU, the readers, were most interested in here at Home with the Boys this year!

Below I’ve listed the top ten most viewed posts on my site this year, with one slight alteration. My What I Wore Wednesday posts are always very high traffic {not sure why, but thanks!}, so I just included the most viewed one of those posts this year in the countdown!

I hope you enjoy looking back at these posts, or maybe discovering them for the first time!

10. Elm Tree Academy School Room Tour – We started homeschool this year with Big J and I shared a few pictures of our downstairs family room converted into a school room!

9. Frugal Star Wars Birthday Party – Big J’s fifth birthday party was Star Wars-themed, but we found some fun ways to do it on a budget!

8. Preparing for Easter – As the boys get older, I love to find new ways to share the meaning of Easter with them. This post included lots of ideas for the Lenten season.

7. Meals for New Moms – Anybody else have a TON of babies born around them this year?! These meals are great to take to a family who has just added a new little one!

6. Truth in the Tinsel: Advent 2011 – We enjoyed this new way to celebrate the Advent season SO much! If you have young children and haven’t checked out the ebook yet, get it now for next year!

5. Paper Bag Vest Tutorial – A cheap and easy way to make a quick costume or dress-up item!

4. The Dissemination of Information – The hubby announced the coming of our third child in this post – I love when he posts on the blog 🙂

3. My Love Affair with Dresses – The most viewed of my What I Wore posts this year in which I share just how much and WHY I love dresses so much!

2. Elm Tree Academy Curriculum 2011-12 – We’re just getting started in homeschool and this is what we’re using for curriculum as we try to figure it all out!

1. 31 Days of All Things Woman: What It’s Not About – This was my first year attempting a “31 Days” series and it had some highs and lows. I loved writing about one topic for 31 days, but it was also exhausting! This post was the start of it all.


And I’d also like to take this moment to say THANK YOU to each of you that visit our little “home” and even come back from time to time! We so enjoy sharing our lives with you!

So, was your favorite post of 2011 on this list or was it a different one altogether?!