If you’re reading this Saturday morning, I’m hopefully out on the trail running eight miles right now. Rain is in the forecast, but I really want to do this run, so I’m praying it’s just a drizzle or nothing at all!

Exercise has become an important part of life for us this year, and I would credit this increased physical activity with improving attitudes and moods in our household!

The Hubby and I have been running, as well as various other workouts at the gym. The two older boys take weekly swimming lessons. Big J started soccer. Little J charges full speed everywhere he goes. And Double J is crawling and taking off up the stairs!

See what I mean?! All of us are active on a regular basis and I can see it strengthening our family in a few different ways…

*The exercise and endorphin connection. The Hubby and I are both happier when we’ve done our daily exercise. The boys are both in a great mood after their physical activities. Happy family members definitely help make a strong family!

*Goal-setting and purpose. We share our exercise goals with one another, encourage each other, and celebrate when someone reaches a goal! The boys love to ask how many miles each of us have run that day. Mastering new skills in swimming is a big deal. The Hubby and I have both reached weight loss goals. Setting and reaching goals together is a wonderful family bond – and a great thing to model for the kids!

*An active, healthy lifestyle model for the kids. We got moving in the first place to lose some weight, but it has become more about being active and healthy, and this is becoming a family thing. It is clear to our children that our health is important to us. Boys are always moving anyways, so this isn’t too hard for us, but our homeschool PE and their extracurriculars are great for more disciplined activities!

I can tell when we’ve been sitting around the house for too long – crabbiness and quarrels and such – and usually the best remedy is for all of us to GET MOVING, which makes us a stronger family all around!


Family Tie #13: Find a way for each member of your family to get moving! Not all of these activities need to be done together, but plan some fun active outings as a family each month as well! Even taking a walk as a family counts!

How does your family get moving, both individually and together?


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