Hug it out.

Ok, so this post doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It is more of a reminder….

When you’re proud of a good choice your child made…hug it out.

When you apologize to your child for yelling at them earlier in the day…hug it out.

When the day seems to be falling apart, and you AND the little ones are in tears…hug it out.

When the day has been joyful and pleasant and you can’t believe how blessed you are to be a part of this family…hug it out.

Just because…hug it out.

This is your call to action to grab those people you live with and love the most and hug them more!

{How’s that for a simple choice today? I hope it brightens your day!}


Family Tie #10: Hug your family members more, especially on the hard days!


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