It was all his idea.

We had just moved to a new house in a new city. There’s a lot of stress that comes along with a move, especially with three kiddos.

He knew I needed some time. Some quiet.

He sent me off to Starbucks to write.

I didn’t even know how badly I needed it until I took that “mommy’s night out” and came back feeling like a new woman.

No matter how busy and chaotic your life is, some time just to yourself will do everyone in your family some good.

And there shouldn’t only be a “mommy’s night out.” Dads deserve some time to do their own thing as well, although it may look different from what Mom needs. Dad might not really need a break from the house as much as he just wants to be completely alone for a while. Every person has different needs to recharge!

I like to use these nights for writing because I can focus and just write. No laundry staring me in the face. No children getting out of bed needing a drink. It’s just me and my coffee and my laptop. I’m amazed at how clearly God speaks to me on these nights out – both things to write and things I’ve been too distracted to pay attention to on a daily basis.

You might want to do some shopping. Or take a trip to the gym without children in tow. Or have coffee with a friend. The point is finding something to do that you ENJOY and that REFRESHES you while you are away.

And I feel this must be said: You should never ever feel guilty about needing some away time. A regular “breather” from the daily grind will almost guarantee a renewed strength and motivation to give the best to your family.

Talk with your spouse about time away for each of you – I think you will find the break to be just what you need to bring your family closer together!


Family Tie #18: Grab your spouse and your calendar and pencil in at least one morning/afternoon/night out for each of you. Make sure your away time is spent doing something relaxing and refreshing!

Do you already have a regular day or night out by yourself? What do you do? If not, what does your dream night out alone look like?


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