Saturdays were cleaning days in my house growing up.

We all pitched in, but in reality, I’m pretty sure I could and should have done a lot more to contribute. {I’m sorry, Mom & Dad!}

Maybe if I had done a little more back then, I would have realized just how much work it is to maintain a house BEFORE I had one of my own to take care of! I came into this marriage as the messy, disorganized one, but nine years later, I’m starting to find my way.

Now that I am the family manager, I have taken on the responsibilities that come with a home and a family, but I have a new problem.

I am terrible at delegating and asking for help.

The Hubby and I recently had a discussion about how he is willing to help more around the house as time and work allow, but I just need to ask or else he won’t know I need help! And we do have able-bodied children who are getting old enough to do lots of little things around the house.

I have to remind myself that I am NOT weak when I need to ask for help. Recognizing the times I can’t get it all done and rustling up some help {no, we don’t live on a ranch} is what good leaders do!

I’m also discovering that not all of the things that make a family stronger are fun! Chores are not anyone’s idea of a good time, but when everyone shares the workload, there will be more time for fun in the end!

And we are training our children to be hard workers and team players when we include them in household chores. I know we will see the blessings of this even more as they get older!

Get the whole family on board with the work that needs to be done and enjoy that extra time you have leftover when everyone pitches in!


Family Tie #27: Write down ALL of the chores that need to be done in and around the house. Decide which ones only you and your spouse can do. Pick age-appropriate chores for your children to do and assign them on a regular basis for the purpose of consistency. And if you’re overwhelmed, ASK FOR HELP!


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