I did it! I ran my first 5K race on Saturday and it was awesome!

My sister and mom came to town so my sister could run with me and my mom could watch the kiddos! The race was around a lake near our house that I hadn’t checked out yet and it was beautiful. Plus, after weeks of 100 degree weather, it was a gorgeous 70 degrees with a breeze coming off the lake. {Thanks for that, God!}

And as far as the race…

We totally rocked it! Our goal was to run at a 10:00/mile pace and we crossed the finish line at 30:50 {unofficially}! And it felt really good! I even think I could have kept going!

To make everything even better, I had these guys waiting for me at the end…

And one super awesome surprise…

The Hubby was supposed to be at work , but had arranged things so he could be there when I crossed the finish line! That was the BEST!

I had a fabulous running partner in my sister!

I wonder if she’ll do a 10K with me next…what do you say, Megan?! 🙂

I know I’ve run this distance and a little longer before, but there is just something about doing a race! I felt like a rockstar!

And I’m ready for more! I’m so thankful for all of my family and the friends who have been there for me in this running journey – I couldn’t have done it without their support!

5K Race: check! What’s next?!

{Plus, God reminded me of a few things about life through this race that I’ll be sharing soon! I love when He does that!}