A chilly day at the zoo is still a fun day at the zoo! So a few weekends ago, we dropped Daddy off to study on a Saturday morning – yuck! – and headed to breakfast and then the zoo with fellow med school wife Natalie and her adorable kiddos Addie and Davis.

We bundled up and loaded all four kiddos in our van.

Jeremiah obviously wasn’t crazy about the weather but Addie was loving it!

And even though it wasn’t that cold, we ventured into the aquarium first. Joshua and Davis had the luxury of the riding tour.

Jeremiah loving the penguins…just like Daddy.

Because of the cool weather, it was a slow Saturday at the zoo so we had lots of time to linger…

Joshua is watching a shark swim over him…so cool…Isn’t Davis a cutie?

Still watching the sharks…

Natalie and the kids were searching for the cast of “Finding Nemo.” They were able to locate almost everybody!

As you can see, Jeremiah warmed up to the weather…

and to Addie 🙂

Next we toured the gorilla habitats – truly amazing creatures! Joshua thinks so too apparently!

And then there was this adorable little guy…

This baby gorilla is only a few months old. It was injured so it had to be separated from its mommy, but several wonderful zookeepers were taking turns holding it while wearing a fur vest to simulate mom.

How is it that watching a baby gorilla can make me want another baby?

But then I remember, I already have my baby…

And that’s good with me…for quite a while 🙂