When Little J and I set out on our mommy-son date last week, the rain was putting a damper on my plans to spend the morning outside with him.

I should have known that a little fall of rain would only add more fun and adventure to our time.

Because walking along this gorgeous path after a fresh rain.

 Summer 2010 022

reminded me of the beauty of God’s creation and His perfect plan, even when it involves some rain.

And the discovery of puddles and mud along this trail.

 Summer 2010 023 Summer 2010 024 Summer 2010 026

brought joy to my little boy’s heart and face.

Summer 2010 025Summer 2010 027

As did a little foot race with Mommy.

Summer 2010 031 

A little fall of rain did us both some good that day. It’s always more fun to just relax, trust and get a little dirty.

Summer 2010 038


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