After a very eventful (but not at all stressful) Day 1, we were ready for a relaxing Day 2. So we rented a boat. No, not a sailboat. There was a race going on that day – just cool to look at. We rented a nice roomy deck boat. Here is our captain for the day, J… And his lovely wife, C… J (yes, there were three men with the first initial “J” this weekend) and his wife M… Lovely couple #3 – D & J…

And the oldies 🙂 It’s true – we were the oldest couple this weekend. And we’re okay with that.

What a stud. Love you honey.

The weather was gorgeous so most of us just jumped right in. It was cold. But it felt good.
Do you like our life jacket diapers?
I don’t care how they looked, they were handy.
C was the first to hit the waves. And I mean really hit the waves. It was VERY choppy out but she rocked those skis.
J manning the ropes.
The Hubby also went out on the skis – still pretty darn choppy. Not ideal for skiing. But he was awesome – especially since it had been three or four years!
Doesn’t this look like an ad for the boat company?
And doesn’t he look relaxed? It was a good time.
After six hours on the boat, lots of sunburns and a yummy grilled supper, we headed back down by the water for dessert.
And a couples photo shoot, apparently (ok, my idea, I admit it).

Aren’t we all so cute – and red?!
It was a wonderful getaway with wonderful friends. We are truly blessed with an abundance of great friends, many of whom feel like family.
And these are among the dearest to us.
Thanks for a great weekend, friends. We love you. Seriously.