Who wants good news on a Monday? I have two winners to announce! {I know, I know, I’m a little late!}

Apologia Science giveaway: Jennifer Freeman

Hermie Extravaganza giveaway: Meranda

Congrats ladies! Sending an email your way today, so make sure you respond to claim your prize!


Now, about this alternate universe I’ve entered…

I thought some of these changes might happen gradually, but no, last Monday night…BAM. I had no idea what hit me!

In one evening…

*BOTH boys ate BROCCOLI.


*BOTH boys ate strawberries, and one is now in love with them.

*BOTH boys completely cleaned their plates at dinner.

*Big J decided he wasn’t going to take baths anymore. He was going to take a shower. By himself. This boy HATED showers. Now, it’s the only way he wants to get clean. And he even asks to take a shower on non-bath/shower days. He is five.

What is going on in this house? What happened to my children?

{By the way, NOT complaining at all – jut in shock. Still.}

What have your children done to surprise you lately?


Another Monday, more blessings overflowing…

681. Watching Little J “read.”

682. Fall weather! {At least in the mornings}

683. Sinus rinsing. {Not fun, but so helpful for me!}

684. Nutella Banana Bread.

685. My super warm, comfy pink bathrobe.

686. My parents playing tennis in the front yard with the boys.

687. Big J discovering how much he LOVES tennis!

688. Little J being cute with his racquet.

689. I Spy in the driveway.

690. Feeling flutters ๐Ÿ™‚

691. New Keurig flavors!

692. Taking leftover frozen bread dough and turning it into this…

693. Listening to older Hillsong United CDs.

694. My parents taking the boys to The Lion King at the movie theater!

695. Catching this moment…

696. Morning snuggles.

697. Boys who love to learn!

698. My awesome new homeschool planner {more inย my post over at The MOB Society today}!

699. Friends who take us in to watch the game at the last minute – hallelujah!

700. Working on my 31 Days series, which will be….

I can’t wait to talk “All Things Woman” all October long! Fashion, hormones, our roles and so much more – I hope you’ll join me for the fun! And a HUGE thank you to Eryn for designing my beautiful 31 Days button!


Many blessings to EACH of you this week!