God-Sized Dreams TeamThis whole process of defining and pursuing my God-sized dream is pretty new territory to me.

Sure, I’ve had dreams and followed them before, but this feels so much more intentional. More meaningful. More God-centered.

And today Holley asked us to share the “why” behind our dream.

Why is your dream worth pursuing, fighting for and seeing through no matter what happens?

And that was a super easy question for me to answer.

THIS is why…

easter crazy guys

My God-sized dream is all about Him, these guys, and you.

My God-sized dream is to encourage families to grow closer to God and closer together through my writing while keeping my relationship with God and my own family as my first priorities.

This dream is exactly what God had in mind for me. I just feel it. And it’s not just a “right-now” dream. This is long-term.  Blessing my family is my calling as a wife and mother. And the writing part is a blessing for me – being able to share with you as we discover what our family is all about has grown me in all sorts of ways.

The God part? Well, it is just blowing me away. I’m learning new things about Him in every part of this dream. And He’s drawing me closer day-by-day because this dream can’t be done without Him.

Each one of these “whys” would be enough to keep me going on this dream, but put them all together and it can only be described as…well…God-sized, right?! Time for me to press on!

What is the “why” behind pursuing your dream? What makes it all worth it?

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