My first day at the Awana headquarters was amazing – a tour, meeting lots of staff, inspiring brainstorming sessions, and REALLY good food. You can see more from that day here.

Awana Blogger Day

Awana Matt's Office

Awana Out to Dinner

The second day was completely different but also completely amazing. Awana brought in its staff from around the country and world for an internal launch of a new direction for the ministry. Fun fact: Awana actually has its own “hotel” in the headquarters to house their missionaries when they come to town! I felt like part of a great big family all coming together for a reunion, and they really did treat us bloggers like family!

This launch day was full of fun news from Awana, inspiring talks from staff and guest speakers, great fellowship, and worship with Meredith Andrews! There may have been a little impromptu dance party to “Happy,” too. That was my favorite.

Over the next month, I’ll be slowly unveiling what we heard at Awana as part of their internal launch, but let me just say that they whole day just felt holy. I had to take my shoes off at one point during worship because I just felt His presence so strongly. The focus at Awana is passionately on bringing the Gospel message to all kids and my heart beats right there as well.

More to come in the next several weeks, but here are a few more photos and quotes to wrap up our #Awana14Launch time…

Awana Breakfast

“It’s not about reaching 10 million kids with Awana – it’s about reaching 10 million kids with the Gospel!” ~Zac Wendlund

Awana Sound Check

From Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International and author of Mission Drift:

I cannot outsource the discipleship of my children to Awana.

Self-centered service undermines impact, families, and ourselves.

Awana Meredith

“In the world of ministry, redemptive innovation leads to unprecedented impact.” ~Dan Lovaglia

Awana Tweeters

Awana Chick Fil A

“Every child everywhere deserves and needs long-term discipleship for the sake of the Kingdom.” ~ Travis Williams

Awana Worship Feet

Awana Matt

From Matt Guevara, campus pastor at Christ Community Church in the Chicago area:

You should not commit yourself to any story for your life that is not itself worth the spending of the only life you have.

Epic, quest, pilgrimage, mystery, love story – the Gospel is all these things.

There is space between ending of 1 chapter + the beginning of another. Use in-between to remember + anticipate.

Awana Group

This is most of the awesome group I had the privilege of hanging out with while at Awana! Brannon {in the middle back} was our point person on staff at Awana and he and his wife took such great care of us! He also knows how to PREACH about bringing Christ into our communities! If you’d like to read more from the other bloggers on the #Awana14Launch team, check them out here:

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