With two young children, it seems like we are always hitting new milestones. Jeremiah had survived several nights in his toddler bed (and only fell out twice that we know of) so he was ready for his “big boy bed” which arrived Friday night. Stephen put it together on Saturday – with Jeremiah’s “help” – and Jeremiah picked out Thomas the Tank Engine sheets on Sunday.

We had small group on Sunday night so the boys had a babysitter. Apparently it was not a great idea to have her put him to bed in this new bed for the first time – whoops. After a little meltdown, he went to sleep in his toddler bed. When we got home, we moved him to the new bed and slept there until 8:40! It was truly a miracle! He has done just fine in the bed since then – except for nap time. We’ll get that figured out too I’m sure – eventually.