When Moms Pray Together by Fern Nichols
Published by: Tyndale
Price: $13.99
Book Info from the Tyndale site: Moms in Touch International is an organization that brings moms together to pray for their children and their children’s schools. As MITI prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Fern Nichols, the founder and president, has collected some of the most inspiring and encouraging stories of God’s work in answer to those prayers. When Moms Pray Together will inspire and equip mothers to pray more consistently and hopefully for their children while encouraging them through the stories from moms everywhere.

Being a member of a moms group means so much to me. That was the first thing that drew me to this book. I have seen the power of moms connecting with one another, praying with and for each other and supporting each other through everything. The title grabbed my attention.

I was not aware when I decided to read this book that this was from Moms in Touch. And as a disclaimer, all of the stories shared in this book are from real moms who were impacted by Moms in Touch. At first, this threw me off a little bit – like it was an advertisement for Moms in Touch – but as I continued to read, I found myself not caring about those mentions.

And even though I’ve never been a part of Moms in Touch, this book still had insight and inspiration for me. Because it doesn’t matter what group you are or are not a part of – what matters is God’s people coming together to lift one another up in prayer.

There are plenty of inspirational stories to pick from in this book, but the one that stuck out for me was one referring to a “calm in the storm.” I really related to this mom’s admission that even as a small child, her daughter was able to turn everyday life into a battle. Going through that battle right now. And it made me think about how often I take those battles to the Lord – not often enough. And often do I go to other moms seeking prayer for this? Again, not enough.

What this book did for me is over and over again emphasize the very real power of prayer and the importance of not going through motherhood alone. Of course, many of us have amazing husbands by our side while raising children, but other mothers are there to relate and pray on a level that only they can understand.

I look forward to being a part of a Moms in Touch group – or something similar – when my children reach that age!
Thank you Tyndale House for providing this dose of mothering inspiration!

Disclosure: Mama Buzz- and reviewers -received a complimentary copy of this book for blog tour purposes.